Calibration service

Measuring processes are, by nature, subjected to measurement errors. We inspect measuring instruments to ensure the protection of people, the environment and the economy.


The term “calibration” stands for control according to the metering law and calibration law. The aim is safety for the people and a fair-trading competition.


We offer comprehensive calibration services in the range of fueling stations, workshops, industrial companies and taxi businesses.

Which measuring devices have to be calibrated?

The accuracy of some measuring instruments is required by a legally protected interest. These measuring instruments have to be calibrated. Simplified: if the paid price is dependent on a measurement, the used measuring instrument has to be calibrated. That is the case, for example, with fuel dispensers, autocycle fueling devices, measuring systems for lubrication oil or fare indicators.

Customized test routine

Our mobile measuring devices enable us to meet a variety of demands throughout the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region. When it comes to your quality assurance, you receive significant measurement results in accordance with KSW test routines. Upon request we provide the development of customer-specific test routines.

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Calibration on fuel stations
  • Measuring systems for liquids other than water (dispensers) for: fuels, heating oil, liquid gas (LPG), natural gas (CNG), AdBlue
  • autocycle fueling devices
  • Tyre pressure gauges
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Calibration in garages
  • Measuring system for lubricating oil
  • Measuring system for radiator antifreeze
  • Measuring tools for lubrication oil
  • Tyre pressure gauges
  • Brake pressure manometer
  • Company fuel station
Calibration of industrial plants
  • Portable or stationary measuring systems for filling fuel trucks, mobile vessels, aircraft fueling and measuring systems in long-distance pipelines (from 1,5 to 5.000 l/m)
  • Calibration of plants that are connected to the measuring instruments as mentioned above for pressure and temperature conversion devices and density measurement
  • Measuring systems on tankers with pump operation for cryogenic liquids and gases liquefied under pressure (carbon dioxide)
Eichung Taxameter
Calibration of taximeters

We perform calibrations on taximeters for licensed transport vehicles and passenger transport companies at our company locations in Feldkirch and Biedermannsdorf. We also provide taximeter calibrations throughout Austria by request.

Calibration as part of a maintenance contract

A lot of customers use our service as part of a maintenance contract. These contracts protect our customers from unnecessary business interruptions. Additionally, they include the compliance with statutory regulations as well as the on-time performance of maintenance services.

Learn more: Maintenance & servicing

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