Test center

The technical security of everyday products and systems can be ensured by means of inspections.


In order to obtain the status of an accredited inspection body, the organization must demonstrate to an accreditation body that it has the necessary competences to perform certain tasks. The accreditation body determines the professional competence of an inspection body impartially and neutrally.


KSW is an accredited inspection body in Austria (ID number 0370) for doors and gates according to EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

Techniker am Tor
Inspektionsstelle für Türen und Tore
We inspect your doors and gates
  • Independent from the manufacturer & objective
  • On time
  • In accordance with the relevant statutory requirements (§ 7, 8 & 9 der AM-VO)
  • Throughout Austria
Test Center for improved safety

Each automatic sliding door and sectional door must undergo an acceptance test at the installation site prior to initial operation.


We carry out acceptance inspections on automatic doors and gates in accordance with § 7 of the regulation relating to operating material (AM-VO), periodic tests and tests following extraordinary events in accordance with § 8 and § 9 of the AM-VO.

Inspection of door systems
  • Sliding door
  • rotating sliding door
  • folding door
  • revolving door
  • automatic door with low-energy motor
  • door with carousel fitting
Inspection of gates:
  • Swing gates, swing doors
  • folding gates
  • slide and fold gates
  • sliding gates, telescoping sliding gates
  • lifting gates
  • sectional gates
  • roller shutters
  • overhead gates
  • up-and-over doors
  • bi-folding gates
image-overlay Techniker am Tor
Inspektionsstelle für Türen und Tore

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