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We install cash register systems for the shop at your filling station. Our service is tailored to your needs and ranges from simple implementations to multi station systems with a central control unit. We guarantee an optimized implementation according to the customers’ requirements. Technical upgrades and future expansions can be integrated at any time.

Our partner “Ratio-Elektronik” develops cash register systems that are specially designed to meet the needs of filling station shops and bistros:

  • The cash register system controls the exterior area including dispensers, pricing displays, tank content measurement and automatic fuel terminals
  • The cash register system contains comprehensive functions to manage the range of goods
  • The cash register system cooperates with payment terminals from different manufacturers: transaction is possible with debit cards, credit cards or fleet cards
  • Payments via debit card or credit cards can be signed with a pen pad. The merchant receipt is saved and does not necessarily have to be printed.
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Our service at a glance:
  • Cash register systems at fueling stations with automatic fuel terminals
  • Cash register systems at fueling stations with a shop
  • Cash register systems at truck stops
  • Central management system, central billing system "Central Office"
  • Global office for filling station partners

We provide ideal implementations of automatic fuel terminals. Quick and easy operations at your self-service fuel station are our first priority. Automatic fuel terminals allow an efficient and simple fueling process. A user-friendly option is the built-in automatic fuel terminal, which is implemented in the dispenser. This option allows direct payments at the fueling location.

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Our service at a glance:
  • Systems for automatic fuel terminal
  • Systems for car wash facility
  • Systems for parking-ticket machines
  • Machine casing: KSW Baseline
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Examples of customers, that we accompany.
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Our product sheets are provided for download here.

Automatic fuel system
Baseline Casing Baseline Casing
Heconomy BL Heconomy BL
HecStar HecStar
Heconomy Heconomy
Hecfleet Hecfleet
Ratio automatic fuel systems Ratio automatic fuel systems
Wide Line Automatengehäuse Wide Line Automatengehäuse
Cash register Systems
Ratio payment systems Ratio payment systems
Central management and payment system
Ratio ZMA Ratio ZMA

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